Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Father Wood Visits - July 21, 2016

Malcolm, Kate, Peter, and Father Wood, who married Peter and Kate 2 years ago.
Father Wood blessed our barn, our house, and us.

At his request, Father Wood milked both goats and did a top notch job at it.

Another view of 'the milking' with Peter looking on, and I'm holding the back legs of the goat so that she doesn't 'kick the milk bucket.' Note to Father Wood: Please remember that you are invited back whenever you are in the area.

Barn Yard Round Up - VBS at St. Martin's

Baby chick

Baby chicks and kids

Oops. I meant to put this photo on with the other goat photos….. but we'll pretend it belongs here. It is Ashland, the goat, and Pearl, the dog.

Goat "selfies"

It has been said that people chose pets who 'bear a likeness' ……..

Some people think the goat likes me enough to give me a kiss. But I think she is 'salt deficient' and I was sweating …… 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Celebrating 150 Years with the Organ at St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Winona, MN

Organist, Larry Finke

Hymn sing with Alyssa Klemp on a cold winter night

Hymn sing selfie

Quilts through the years

My quilt teacher, Char Seebold, gave me most of this fabric and taught me how to cut the fabric in strips and rearrange it.

I titled the quilt "By His Stripes….. You are healed."

This is an old quilt from when our oldest son, Neil, was in kindergarten. He loved fishing bullheads at Goose Lake and had a bit of "bull head" in him. So …. it made a nice napping blanket for kindergarten.

I made this blue quilt for my mom.

I made this cat quilt for Fiona.

Here is the quilt from "far off."

Before and After - Challenge Academy - We Love Ya -- Bruce!

Bruce, the morning he was being inducted into Challenge Academy. He was about to get his hair cut.

Bruce in uniform on his way home for his first leave from Challenge Academy!

Bruce in the car - on his way to Castle Rock Farm to see the "fam" :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Random photos from the last year 2015

This baby girl goat had to have her horns "tipped" with tennis balls. She had been rough with her horns and had injured her mother.

Fiona made this bag … Hannah is helping display it.

Kate and Peter with our barn in the back drop.

Still working at learning how to make sourdough bread.

Peter and Kate at their new home.

Kate, Malcolm, and Peter at our house for lunch.

We took all the old cabinets out of the barn. Washed them up and brought them inside to create our 'new/ old' kitchen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Peter and Kate's house, with dear Malcolm (our grandson!)

Malcolm and his Grandpa Rob

Malcolm posing with his usual big smile!

Neil flew into town, and Grandpa drove him to us, and we had dinner with Peter and Kate and Malcolm! Lots of fun!

Bruce is home on leave from Challenge Academy at Fort McCoy

Bruce and Rob

Bruce and mom

Chianan, Neil, and Bruce at our welcome home dinner!

Scott, Kathy, and Orlin …. Orlin is Bruce's mentor for Challenge Academy. He went into the National Guard at age 18 as well, so he 'knows the ropes.'

Bruce, Linnea, and Fiona

Britta and Rob

Scott and Neil's Concert at the Wenonah Brewing Company - Feb. 26th

Neil and Scott -- their voices blend well

Ben, Fiona, and Linnea - "the sibs" are listening to the music!

Scott - voice and guitar, Tim Boysen on Bass Guitar

Erin and Chianan (Neil's girlfriend) in the listening audience

Rob and I are "out there" cheering them on too!